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Jack Mondel
2 min readAug 17, 2022

It’s tough to stay motivated in the workplace. There are so many things that can happen, and it is easy for your team members to lose sight of why they are there in the first place. It may seem not very easy, but with a bit of creativity, you can find ways to keep your team engaged! Here are ten tips for keeping your team motivated.

First, make sure that your team members are always informed. Make it a point to keep them in the loop and let them know what is going on with upcoming deadlines or changes to projects they’re working on.

Second, give them a chance to voice their opinions. Making it evident that you care about what they have to say and offer suggestions for improving things makes your team feel valued.

Third, keep tasks interesting by offering small rewards for a job well done. You don’t have to hand out gifts or large bonuses, but you must make them feel appreciated.

Fourth, hold regular team meetings with your employees, so everyone has a chance to communicate and plan together. Make sure these meetings are productive by having a plan and sticking to it!

Fifth, avoid micromanaging so your employees can have a sense of control over their work. Let them know what you expect of them, and let them be creative with how they do things.

Sixth, create a sense of community by celebrating wins together as a team! Whether you go out to lunch or have a party at the office, make sure your employees feel you recognize their contribution.

Seventh, focus on employee growth by making learning opportunities available. If there are external training opportunities, they can take advantage of telling them about it.

Eighth, encourage teamwork by rotating tasks and projects so that everyone can work with different people within the company. This will help team members develop good relationships with others.

Ninth, always be honest with your team members and let them know where they stand! Offering feedback on their work will ensure that employees feel like they are moving in the right direction towards success.

Tenth, make sure your employees feel appreciated by recognizing their hard work regularly. Write personalized thank-you notes and let them know how much of an impact they’re having on the organization.

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